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Brad Namdar- The Next Iranian/American: Mourinho

FRISCO, TX- F.C. Dallas has now set the trend and innovative nature of creating the first ever Coaching Internship or known as “Estagio” in the MLS. Bardia (Brad) Namdar (21) is currently junior at SMU and is home grown talent. Born and raised in Dallas, Namdar has played both college football and soccer at the highest level. His goal is to coach at the professional level, and to lead his respective national team to a World Cup Victory.

Not only being the first club in the MLS to create this position, but also investing in Brad showed the community that hard work and determination pays off. Brad’s great uncle, Jafar Namdar who has recently been inducted in to the FIFA Hall of Fame said, “F.C. Dallas understands what soccer is by creating this position, they understand that there is so much talent out there and I know Brad will be able to make his club proud”. With soccer getting more and more popular in the U.S., developing players is not only important but coaches as well. Chris Hayden Dir. of Coaching of FC Dallas Youth said, “Brad is extremely energetic, creative, and is a great leader…he has been a tremendous help for us at FC Dallas.”

Namdar works with the FC Dallas Juniors program, consisting of the top U-16, U-19 players in the area, and professional players as well. He works directly with internationally known coaches such as, Oscar Pareja and Director of Coaching of FC Dallas, Chris Hayden. Not only that, Namdar assists with the MLS team as well! Working directly with Schellas Hyndman and his coaching staff. This passed summer he worked with the coaching staff in training to learn, watch, and help the team. “It was just great to be out there and a part of the club”, Brad said. Brad also was invited to help Inter Milan in a private training session as well, and was on the bench for the FC Dallas vs. Inter Milan game. FC Dallas shocked the soccer world when they tied the reigning Champions League Winners Inter Milan to a 2-2 score line!

Brad has also held a charity soccer camp for the children of Vickery Meadow, and Heart House in Dallas. He contacted over 20 sponsors, had free soccer balls, shirts, coupons, gifts, awards, snacks, live dj, and over 200 children attend. “If there is one thing I learned from F.C. Dallas it was the importance of giving back to the community and to provide opportunities,” said Brad. His camp was directly for underprivileged kids who had a passion for the game, but didn’t have access to quality coaching/equipment, “Brad’s Dream Big Soccer Camp was the highlight of so many children’s year, and F.C. Dallas should be proud of him”, said Lea Beach Dir. of Heart House. More info on his charity camp can be found out on www.dreambigsoccer.com.

“Soccer is the world’s game, and it’s a beautiful game. It brings the world together, and ignites passion, I learned that a club is more then the team and the players. The administration is the heart and soul of this club, and this club is second to none”, said Brad. Pat Parker who is currently in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame said, “Its great to see such a young guy making such an impact as a coach, things look bright in Brads future, and for the future of U.S. soccer as well… I think he will make a big impact on the game.”

This past summer Brad has been nominated for the MLS Community MVP award. If you wish to find out how to help nominate him you may contact him at bradnamdar@yahoo.com . We should be very proud of Brad his is a great Iranian/American young man shining in the sports world!

Brad and Head Coach Schellas Hyndman of FC Dallas

Brad sitting on the bench with FC Dallas coaching staff vs. Inter Milan

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