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Brad Namdar ( Bardia Namdar) is a Persian soccer player/ coach in Dallas, Texas. Through his coaching in the community, and playing ability he has created a name for himself that is well known throughout the North Texas soccer community. At only 21 years of age, he is throwing the first ever Brad Namdar Dream Big Soccer charity camp for the children of the Heart House and Vickery Meadow Community in Dallas.  There will be over 300 children in attendance, all receiving a free ball, camp shirt, certificate, prizes, and awards.  He is doing this strictly to promote the beauty of the game and to demonstrate the ability college students have to impact peoples lives.  Over 200 students at SMU have volunteered in over 25 different student organizations and it is still growing everyday.  " I believe that is my responsibility and pleasure to bring the beauty of this game to so many children that couldn't afford it on their own...everyone loves this game it unites the world". 
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