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TexasPCC, P.O. Box 833717, Richardson TX 75083

POLICY STATEMENT: Texas Persian Cultural Center (TexasPCC) is an educational and cultural organization with no affiliation with any religious or political ideology; dedicated only to education, art, culture, and to the establishment of a sense of community. The center will strive to introduce the Persian culture and customs to the community to promote cross-cultural understanding. The center will serve the educational and cultural needs of the community, particularly the younger generation whose exposure to their parentsí rich culture and customs is critical. By becoming a member and submitting this form you agree to abide by the policies above and the bylaws of Texas Persian cultural Center. If you cannot open/read the bylaws, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: TEXAS PCC is committed to your privacy and will use any information that you provide for the purpose for which it is intended and disclosed. We are committed to follow local and federal laws applicable to privacy. No portion of the data you provide will be sold, rented, leased, or shared with any third party for any purpose.


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EMAIL: support@texaspcc.org
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 833717, Richardson TX 75083-3717